Project Description

Chlorella is a species of green algae that grows in fresh water. The name chlorella derives from two Latin words meaning ‘leaf’ (green) and ‘small’, referring to the unusually high content of chlorophyll which gives chlorella powder its characteristic deep emerald-green color. cracked cell wall chlorella powder  is also rich in protein, vitamins, minerals, “C.G.F.” (Chlorella Growth Factor) and other beneficial substances. It is the first form of plant with a well-defined nucleus Chlorella’s DNA makes it have the ability to quadruple in quantity every 20 hours, which no other plant or substance on earth can do. cracked cell wall chlorella powder  also has been used effectively as a topical treatment for damaged tissue. It is aCGF has helped in reversing chronic diseases of many kinds. CFG improves our immune system and strengthens our body’s ability to recover from exercise and diseases.

Product Name Chlorella
Form Powder & Tablet
Active Ingredient Protein, vitamins, trace elements.
GMO Status GMO free
Grade Food grade