Project Description

Lecithin is a form of human cell membrane, particularly important component of brain cells, its human cell growth, metabolism and regulate the physiological functions of organs heart and brain play an important role. Lecithin contains choline is an essential component nutrients, at the same time is a good natural emulsifier and fat metabolism in the body to purify the blood and body care has a unique effect.

Lecithin is a surface active agent with unique properties and an essential ingredient of many processed food products.Our standardized lecithin are available in fluid or plastic consistency and classified unbleachedsingle or double bleached, modification grades.Our powder lecithin are oil-free and are ideal for numerous food and non-food applications.Soya lecithin consists primarily of phosphatidylcholine(PC), phosphatidylethanolamine(PE),and phosphatidylinositolnd (PI).

Product Name Lecithin Soybean Lecithin
Botanical Source Sunflower Soybean
Specification Sunflower Lecithin Soybean Lecithin
Form Liquid & powder Liquid & powder
Grade Pharm & Food Grade Pharm & Food Grade