Project Description

Oat Milk Powder can be prepared directly with water or mixed with other foods, such as vegetable protein drinks, dairy products and health food. It retains all the soluble nutrients of oats, such as high-quality plant protein, fat, soluble dietary fiber.

Oat milk is vegetarian milk that can substitute for cow milk and goat milk. This delicious and healthy oat milk is good for everyone in your family for breakfast, snack or midnight snack. It can improve your health naturally. Take two or three times per day.


  • Non-GMO

  • Not gluten-free

  • Dissolution Ratio: 1:6
  • Completely water-soluble, suspension.
  • Organic oat milk powder is available, MOQ:20mt
  • Suitable for vegans and ova-lacto vegetarians.
  • This type of oat milk powder is suitable for making drinks.
  • Can be used as dairy alternative at desired amount in coffee, tea, cocoa beverages and etc…